Lots to congratulate

July 25, 2017 Sarah 0

I’m finally at the point in my life where it seems like there’s a wedding or baby born every week. That means there tends to […]

Stories I’m Reading

February 15, 2015 Sarah 0

The Maze Runner by James Dashner Like I mentioned in my preview, “The Maze Runner” is a post-apocalyptic young adult novel. Unlike a lot of […]

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Stories I’m Reading

October 23, 2014 Sarah 0

A Summer of Hummingbirds By: Christopher Benfey In the era following the Civil War, creative thinkers — artists, writers, poets, professors, preachers — had to […]

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On screen stories

June 9, 2014 Sarah 0

I’m deviating a bit from my typical story telling medium of letters today, please bear with me. This morning while watching the news, they shared […]

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A letter too late

March 30, 2014 Sarah 0

When Sheila Polk, a WWII memorabilia collector, picked up “World War II on the Air: Edward R. Murrow and the Broadcasts that Riveted a Nation” […]