DIY Laundry Room Sign

January 14, 2018 Sarah 0

Every month or so, a few of my female cousins and I get together and hand out. It’s usually for dinner. However, last weekend, we met […]

Happy Thanksgiving

December 30, 2017 Sarah 0

Okay, so I know Thanksgiving was more than a month ago, but that’s what took up the majority of my November (in addition to adopting […]

Hello from the cardstock pile

July 21, 2017 Sarah 0

It’s my aunt’s birthday this weekend (actually it’s not ’til September, but we’re celebrating this weekend). You see, my aunt lives overseas and is here […]

Chicken Parmesan

April 17, 2017 Sarah 0

My brother unexpectedly called Sunday night and said he’s be nearby if we all wanted to have dinner. I’d already been out to eat over […]