Black and Blue Pie recipe

July 24, 2017 Sarah 0

Today was a rainy, drizzly cold Monday – surprising somewhat considering the pretty hot summer weather we’ve been having. Not even a thunderstorm clash. But […]

Black Forest Cake

April 1, 2017 Sarah 0

I feel like whenever the seasons shift, craziness ensues. Think about it, technically winter begins Dec. 21 and then you’ve got Christmas and Hanukkah and […]

Andes Mint Grasshopper Pie

March 17, 2017 Sarah 1

To end the week that began with Pi Day and ended with St. Patrick’s Day, the last of the pie trio is a green Grasshopper Pie. Surprise, surprise, it’s mint flavored.

Mini pie desserts

January 22, 2017 Sarah 0

As I mentioned yesterday,  I had a lot of eggs and one of the things I made was quiche (4 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, pre-made […]