Binky Leashes

January 18, 2018 Sarah 0

For the craft fairs, I’ve been making binky leashes or pacifier holders. Basically, they loop on to the pacifier and clip on the other end to […]

Lots to congratulate

July 25, 2017 Sarah 0

I’m finally at the point in my life where it seems like there’s a wedding or baby born every week. That means there tends to […]

What’s going on

June 29, 2017 Sarah 0

I’ve been a pretty sporadic blogger lately, my apologies. It’s just that I’ve embarked on a new project, but was waiting til it was settled […]

Custom burp cloths

April 10, 2017 Sarah 0

There are lots of babies joining by extended family soon, so I’ve been awash in little projects for the little people. I had bought some […]

Infant Flannel Sheets

April 5, 2017 Sarah 0

These go by a lot of names – sheets, receiving blankets, swaddles – but basically its just a plain flannel blanket that can be used […]