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Mail in the Medieval Ages

April 10, 2014 Sarah 0

The enlightenment of the previous centuries was lost to Europe during the Dark Ages. Under the feudal system literacy dropped and the empires that had […]

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Love letters to strangers

April 8, 2014 Sarah 1

“I am not a strategist, nor am I specialist. I am merely a storyteller,” Hannah Brencher, Founder and Creative Director of More Love Letters, said […]

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A letter too late

March 30, 2014 Sarah 0

When Sheila Polk, a WWII memorabilia collector, picked up “World War II on the Air: Edward R. Murrow and the Broadcasts that Riveted a Nation” […]

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I need some help

March 28, 2014 Sarah 0

TAKE THE SURVEY! Dear friends and followers, Thank you all for your support in this project. What started as a personal mission has now grown […]