Knit dish cloths

November 15, 2016 Sarah 0

I learned how to knit making this style dish clothes. They are simple and knit up fast You’ll need a skein of cotton yarn, like […]

A despicable scarf

January 9, 2016 Sarah 0

I saw several patterns for Minion scarves on Pinterest, but all were for crocheting. I looked for a knitting one, but didn’t find what I […]

How I made Hobbes

August 23, 2015 Sarah 0

I had a friend who loved the series and wanted a stuffed animal. Since I could knit, he asked me to make him on…

Montgomery pattern scarf

August 21, 2015 Sarah 0

This is a super simple scarf to make and modify. I’ll give you the instructions for the basic Montgomery pattern, then I’ll explain my variation. […]