Grandmere’s sweet crepes

August 5, 2016 Sarah 1

Crepes were always a family favorite growing up. My mom would make them Sunday mornings before church. We’d top with cinnamon and real maple syrup […]

Caramel apple mini pies

July 25, 2016 Sarah 0

A co-worker’s birthday was last week and he likes apple pie, so I made some little apple pies. I found a recipe Deb on […]

Decadent crepes

May 21, 2016 Sarah 0

It was my fiance’s birthday over the week, and I thought I’d do something special for breakfast this weekend, since that’s when there’s time for […]

Breakfast fun

April 28, 2016 Sarah 0

I received a bundle of metal cookie cutters for my birthday last year, but other than a few at Christmas, they didn’t get much use. […]

A holiday treat

December 29, 2015 Sarah 0

This Christmas Eve, it was just going to be my boyfriend and I for dinner. No crazy parties or huge family gatherings. But I still […]