Black Forest Cake

April 1, 2017 Sarah 0

I feel like whenever the seasons shift, craziness ensues. Think about it, technically winter begins Dec. 21 and then you’ve got Christmas and Hanukkah and […]

Springtime jelly roll

March 21, 2017 Sarah 1

Monday was the first day of spring, and while there’s still snow about, lighter desserts and meals will soon take over plates. This jelly roll fits the bill.

Andes Mint Grasshopper Pie

March 17, 2017 Sarah 1

To end the week that began with Pi Day and ended with St. Patrick’s Day, the last of the pie trio is a green Grasshopper Pie. Surprise, surprise, it’s mint flavored.

Apple Pie

March 14, 2017 Sarah 0

In honor of Pi Day (March 14), I’ve been covering a trio of pies this week. To start with an easy recipe, yesterday I made […]

Whipped cream

March 14, 2017 Sarah 1

  As long as you have an electric mixer (or super strong arms), you should never buy whipped cream from a jar or package again. […]

Pecan Pie

March 13, 2017 Sarah 1

In honor of Pi Day (March 14 or 3.14….), I will be making three pies this week. Today, I started with Pecan Pie. It’s quick […]


March 9, 2017 Sarah 3

A trio of sausage, shrimp and chicken amped up with Cajun-style seasonings makes a wonderfully flavorful and filling one-pot dinner for chilly spring nights. Mardi […]

Roquefort Salad

February 28, 2017 Sarah 0

My junior year of college, my two roommates and I threw a Friendsgiving Party. My brother and his girlfriend came, one roommate’s boyfriend came with […]