Two months of madness

October 27, 2017 Sarah 0

So, my last post was in August and there is so much to catch you up on since then. My goodness! August was post-wedding and […]

What’s going on

June 29, 2017 Sarah 0

I’ve been a pretty sporadic blogger lately, my apologies. It’s just that I’ve embarked on a new project, but was waiting til it was settled […]

Bring spring style indoors

April 12, 2017 Sarah 0

(This article originally appeared in the Concord Monitor’s LiveWell magazine.) There‚Äôs just something about spring that feels fresh, exciting and new. There is new growth […]

Grocery bag

August 10, 2016 Sarah 0

This article was previously published in the Concord Monitor. I always wonder as I plop my grocery store bags down on the conveyor if the […]