Really bad blogger

So I’m sure it’s been weeks since my last post because since moving to the new house, I’ve had little time to sit down for a quiet moment to write. It seems like since October, I haven’t stopped doing things.

Here’s a few of my excuses:

  • Hosted our first family Thanksgiving with 18 adults!
  • Had three craft fairs over the fall (one which you already knew about) and had to restock in between
  • Adopted a dog (a 6-year-old rescue Labrador named Jax)
  • Built an island for my kitchen
  • Christmas shopping (see my gift list) and gift crafting
  • Helped grandmother-in-law downsize (this is a work in progress)
  • Made Christmas cookies in order to meet the neighbors
  • Been shorted staffed at day job because co-worker out on leave
  • Broke my foot (my first broken bone ever)

I’m going to try and update you on all that’s happened since my last post in early November and then be more consistent after that. I’m hoping life in 2018 is a bit calmer.

Stay tuned this week for updates!