Holiday gift guide

Usually, I am all for handmade gifts. I make a list and check it twice. Scour the internet for cool ideas and then spend six weeks locked in my craft room. This year, I’ve been busy and just didn’t have the time to invest in hand-making everything. But I suppose that’s why I’m an Amazon Prime member; yay two-day shipping on last-minute gifts. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

The only gifts I ended up making this year were zipper pouches for my cousins from away, which I paired with mini-first aid kits. Since they have to fly home, small size gifts are a must.

I also made a rag quilt blanket for the newest little member of our family – my cousin’s daughter.

Here’s the quilt while still in progress.

For parents:

My brother and I got my mom a Pandora bracelet for her 50th birthday. So, holidays are made easy by getting her new charms to add to it.

Dad is hard to shop for because I think he has everything. His hobbies include watching football and working on building and car projects. He’s not exactly one to wear sports team apparel and he’s got seemingly every tool imaginable. Mom said he could use some new flannel shirts. Not exactly exciting, but I’m good with practical. JC Penny’s carries big and tall sizes, and since my dad is 6’4″, that’s where I headed.

For my in-laws, we shopped local visiting the correctional facility workshop. The inmates are taught carpentry and fine arts skills and then sell their work in a shop on site. We bought a wood cribbage board shaped like our home state.

For siblings:

Fun and games. For my brother, we got the card game Exploding Kittens. For my brother-in-law, Fallout for his new video game system. For my sister-in-law, a trip for a massage. And for the significant others, passes to the movies or for snowshoeing. We also got the game Jesus vs. Santa for a Yankee Swap gift.

For aunts and uncles:

Once upon a time, I traveled with my extended family to Nova Scotia. Since this year is the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion, I got my aunt this book, “Black Snow,” which is about the tragedy.

Another aunt and uncle recently got a condo by the beach. So I got a beach-colored mixer for their new place.

For grandparents:

For one grandmother, I custom ordered a bracelet from an Etsy seller that has the names and birthstones of all her grandkids and great grandbaby.

For my grandfather, I got an insulated flannel jacket, because it’s been really cold lately and he works outside a lot.

Our other grandparents got some food: Stonewall Kitchen jam, crackers, and fancy cookies. Yum.

For cousins:

I got this for a Yankee Swap, but it could easily be for a cousin or aunt – cozy things. Try a plaid infinity scarf and warm wool socks. Cute and comfy.

For dude clothes, how about a Pokemon Go T-shirt like this one for team Mystic?

I had a cousin who tried to grow a giant pumpkin last summer. She plans to try again in 2018. If that happens, she’ll have a lot of pumpkin on her hands, so I got her a pumpkin cookbook: Perfect Pumpkin Recipes.

Another cousin and his girlfriend just got their first apartment, so they’ll be getting some baking sheets and supplies. She’s gluten-intolerant, so I picked up some King Arthur gluten-free mix and picked up a cookie sheet and muffin pan from our local kitchen store.

When I saw these elephant succulent planters, I just knew I needed to get one. Well, I ended up getting two sets, both to give to cousins. The succulents come separately.

For the little ones:

I already mentioned that I made a quilt for the newborn in our family (with a broken foot, I might add). Other gifts to the toddlers in our family included warm clothes – sweaters and leggings for the winter, diapers, a jumbo pack of chalk and books: Corduroy’s treasury, the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Go the F*ck to Sleep (okay, so this is not a kid’s book, its a joke for parents of kids.)


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