Last minute birthday- post Halloween

Finished candy floral arrangement

I had an odd schedule this week with a random night-shift thrown into my normal schedule, plus at SIX-HOUR meeting in the middle of my week. Ugh.

Anyways, among that, I was invited to dinner for my cousin’s birthday Saturday (which I’d forgotten about). I didn’t have any sort of gift prepared, but what I did have was lots of Halloween candy.

I didn’t want to just throw the candy in a bag and be like, here’s some candy leftovers. So, I thought I’d try my hand at making a candy bouquet. It actually turned out a bit better than I expected, but I also had pretty low expectations.

You’ll need:

Wrapped candy

Wood skewers

Hot Glue


Ribbon, colored paper, burlap and/or other decorations

Foam or cardboard.

A mess of supplies on my dining room table.
A mess of supplies on my dining room table.


Set up your base first. I just happened to have a recycled Edible Arrangement pail in my kitchen waiting to go out to the potting shed, so I grabbed that. You want to fill it with a tightly-fitting piece of either floral or styrofoam. I didn’t have that, so I used a couple layers of cardboard glued inside the pot to hold the skewers in place. Then, disguise the foam with burlap, Easter grass, curled ribbon or whatever you want.

Next, assemble the flowers. The skewers were all 12 inches, which was too tall to fit under my pail’s handle. I cut the skewers between 10 to 6 inches (and used some of the leftover bits too.) I attached larger pieces of candy( M&Ms, Hershey’s, KitKats) to taller sticks and the smaller ones to shorter. Milk Duds are in this box thing, so those I glued to the base at the end. I also glued on paper cutout like petals and this green burlap as leaves and attached to the backside of the candy. On some of the skewers, I wrapped a thin green ribbon around for more of a stem effect.

Finally, stick the skewers into your base. If you need to fill in holes, make a few more flowers. Top with a bow.


Finished candy floral arrangement

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