Craft Fair Reflections: Thoughts on my first craft fair

I attended my first craft fair as a vendor on Saturday, and it went okay. Not great, not bad, just somewhere in the middle.

Leading up to this, I’d done a TON of reading on how to make the most out selling at a craft fair. Some of the most common advice was :

-Have a cohesive feeling booth and items.

-Be personable and friendly. Say “hello” and give insight on your crafts

-Have business cards available for people who may not want to make a purchase that day.

-Have items at a variety of price points

-Be organized.

Well, I decided when I signed up for the craft fair, I’d focus on making my baby and children’s items. I’d already been making a lot and it was a fun theme to work with. My display accessories played into that using teal and coral colors as accent pieces and storage with white tablecloths. It was clean, orderly, cute and fun.

At the craft fair, I got a lot of compliments on both my display and the crafts themselves – win. But the fair had limited foot traffic and a lot of the people who stopped by my booth said they didn’t know of an infant to buy the stuff for. Bummer. So for my next fair in two weeks, I’m going to work on some items for older children (like a travel coloring case) and something that can be used for adults, too (custom memory bears and canvas tote bags). The colors and feel will work with what I’ve already made, but expand my offerings beyond baby showers.

As I mentioned, the craft fair had a pretty low turnout. I probably should have research my fairs before signing up, but because the entry fee was pretty low, I didn’t lose money attending and it was a good opportunity for a “soft open.” I’m super uncomfortable talking with strangers, so it gave me a chance to work on my pitch without being thrust into the middle of a chaotic crowd.

Instead of business cards – since I’m not actually a registered business anyways – I made contact cards (about 2.5 x 3 inches with the blog address, email, and social media accounts. I gave one to everyone who purchased with their receipt and a few people grabbed one independently (probably since I sat them right next to a jar of FREE chocolate.) That too got people to slow down at my booth and take a second look.

A panorama of my booth. You can see my husband’s feet sticking out behind the kiosk.

Huge shout out to my husband who was my literal manpower for the day. In addition to helping my lug about and set up my display, he hung out at my booth during the day to cover my bathroom runs and went off to get me lunch, too. What a guy! Definitely, bring a buddy to craft fair. Most people there had a second person at their booth. There was, however, one guy there alone, who lost out on at least one sale when he went to the bathroom. That doesn’t sound like much, but a lot of people were only making a sale an hour because of the low turnout.