Halloween Snack: Frankenstein Treats

Ferociously delicious!

It’s two days until Halloween and I am expecting house guests this weekend. One of those guests is gluten intolerant. Since I’m not, I was thinking of something I could make that she could have. My first thought was Rice Krispie Treats, because usually rice flour is used when someone has a gluten allergy, but I discovered, that Rice Krispie cereal isn’t actually gluten-free (it did have a gluten-free version that’s no longer offered.) But…. Cheerios are gluten-free. Bingo.

Of course, you could use a lot of different cereals here; the basic premise is the same.

So these Frankenstein Treats start as your basic cereal + marshmallow recipe, but then get decked out.

Frankenstein Treats

5 cups neutral cereal like Rice Krispies, Cheerios or crushed Chex

40 large marshmallows, 4 cups mini marshmallows OR 8 oz marshmallow Fluff

3 tablespoons butter

Green food dye

2 cups chocolate pieces, semi-sweet or dark are recommended

Pack of candy eyes

Black cookie icing


  1. Melt the butter in a large pan over low to medium heat. Do not let it turn brown.
  2. Add the marshmallows and melt, stirring frequently, until it creates a smooth gel/slime consistency.  Add dye to your liking and incorporate.
  3. Remove marshmallows from heat and stir in cereal until all the cereal pieces are well coated.
  4. In a 13 x 9 pan lined with parchment paper, press the mixture into the pan and spread out evenly.
  5. Refrigerate until firm, about half an hour.
  6. Cut into 15 rectangles.

    Spread out the cereal in a 13×9 pan. Let cool, then cut.
  7. In a double-boiler on low heat, melt the chocolate chips. Dunk the top 1 inch of the cereal treat in the chocolate and use a spoon to coat. Place on wax paper. Refrigerate until chocolate is firm about a half hour or stick in the freezer for less time.

    I had semi-sweet chocolate chips on hand for this project, but dark chocolate might have a better appearance and complement the sweet marshmallow better.
  8. Use cookie icing to draw a mouth and affix candy eyes on treats.
Ferociously delicious!



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