Wedding gift placemats, version 3

So in February, I made the first version of these placemats. Then, over the summer, I made a second set with different fabric, but the same style (this time, a set of eight). Both had been wedding gifts.

Well, I’m now counting down the days to the last wedding I’ll attend in 2017, and I thought I’d make this latest bride a set, too.


There a few differences with this set though. The basic premise is the same, but I altered the pattern a bit. Like the second batch of placemats I made, this is a set of eight using four different fabric patterns for the front and a fifth for the back and binding.

The difference is for these, instead of cutting 2-3/4 inch strips from the edges of the 15-by-18 inch rectangles, I cut 3-1/2 inch strips. I also made the binding a bit wider, so you see more of it on the front side.

I had found the thinner binding was more difficult to work with, but if I made it wider without increasing the strip size, you wouldn’t see the patterns.

Here’s a comparison of the three versions.


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