Catching up on craft fair fun

Front side of craft fair display.

Even though my husband and I got married in May, we just took our honeymoon in August and right before that, we finally found a house we’re trying to by. So it’s basically been a month since my last post. SORRY!

Anyways, the first thing I wanted to share with you was this display and checkout station I built for the two craft fairs I’ve signed up for so far this fall.

The front side has display space and peg board to hang up some items. This isn’t how I’m arranging my products for the show, but you get the idea.

Front side of craft fair display.

On the reverse side, I can utilize the peg board to hang shopping bags and ribbons, there’s a small shelf area to write receipts and it will hide my cash box from view. I’m using the two canvas bins at the bottom to store odds and ends for repairs and set-up items that aren’t for sale.

Back of craft fair display.

It was basically built with some pre-made stuff and some hardware odds and ends.

The base is a cube organizer, which you can find in a lot of home improvement stores or Wal-Mart or online. Assemble it according to the instructions.

I bought a 2-by-4-foot piece of pegboard, which was already white on one side, and cut it to be 2-by-3.5-feet. Then, I used some 1-by-1.5-inch scrap wood to make a frame around the edges and give it a little more support, since I want it to stand vertically and not attached flat to a wall, like pegboard usually is. Then I spray painted the back. It’s not beautiful, but I’m basically the only one who will see it, so it’s not a big deal.


The for hardware, I attached cart wheels to the four corners of the cube organizer, two swivel and two are straight. Then, I used 6-by-8-inch white, metal shelf brackets to attach the pegboard to the organizer, roughly in the center of the top. 20170804_190005

I’m excited to see how things turn out and what people think at the fair.This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a percentage of the charge if you decide to purchase it. (There’s no additional cost to you, either!) I only recommend things I  really use.