Lots to congratulate

I’m finally at the point in my life where it seems like there’s a wedding or baby born every week. That means there tends to be a lot of showers of various sorts on my calendar.

Plus, I’m still plugging along of creating stock for the upcoming craft fair.

So first up out of the paper pile this week is a matching set of shower and wedding card for my friend. She is having a shower next week and her wedding is in September.


I really liked the rustic wood-grain paper, since she’s having a sort of rustic style fall wedding. Then, blue is her (and mine) favorite color.

Then, I’ve been putting together cards to sell at the craft fair. Since most of my supply is going to be things you can give as a baby gift, I figure, make it one-stop-shopping and have cards to sell too.

Friday night, I cut out all the pieces for more than 20 cards, then realized I didn’t have glue. OH NO!

Luckily, I was able to stock up the next day with a 24 pack of Scotch glue sticks. That should last a while.

Here are the first three styles I made. 20170722_164122

I’ve got another three or four styles coming down the pike, so stay tuned.


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