Odds and Ends

So here’s everything that I’ve been working on of late.

First up  – more products for the craft fair.

I made sets of receiving blankets (one solid, one patterned) in coordinating pairs. I’ve been doing them in batches based on the color of thread. I’ve got all done except for about four pairs in hot pink. I will likely get some more flannel soon. I’d like to make a green and a purple theme set.


I also put together a few more minky blankets – four large and four small.


They are wicked cute with cotton print on one side and snuggly-soft minky on the reverse. I had to pose some of my stuffed animal creations with them.

20170713_213239Then, I also worked on a personal project. My husband and I received about 70 cards for our wedding, but I’m not big on saving cards, especially if there are no personalized notes, so I bought a large white frame and a 1-inch heart hole punch. I punched hearts out of different parts of the cards, lined them up and glued them to white posterboard and framed it.


I just love the result and the meaning – plus it’s a great, non-bulky way to hang on to those memories.

Lastly, I had to wait a few hours with my husband’s car because the airbag was recalled and had to be replaced. So beforehand, I sewed together some stuffed animal bodies, mostly turtles, and one elephant.

Turtle time!

Then, while his car was being worked on, I sat in the waiting room stuffing the shells and hand stitching them closed. I even intrigued another person waiting enough to give them my card. VZM.IMG_20170717_150249.jpg

So that’s it for my busy week.

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