Hello from the cardstock pile

It’s my aunt’s birthday this weekend (actually it’s not ’til September, but we’re celebrating this weekend). You see, my aunt lives overseas and is here visiting. Plus, her job takes her across the world – before stopping by here, she was in Dubai.

Anyways, I wanted to give her a little something to celebrate her birthday, so I decided to make something small and useful, which she might use in her travels. So I decided to make a pack of greeting cards.

I started by taking four sheets of white cardstock and cutting in half to make eight 8.5 by 5.5 pieces. I used my computer to print eight little hello labels. Then cut six 4.5 by 3.75 rectangles from a sheet of patterned scrapbook paper and two more from a solid piece of scrapbook paper.

Then, I went to town gluing everything together. I used a third color for accent stripes and my heart hole punch on scraps to give interest.


I think the end result is pretty cute.


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