Variations on place mats, napkins

Back in February, I showed you how to make six simple place mats using fat quarters in my post “Sunshine place mats.”

I recently made another set of place mats using the same techniques, but instead of six, I made eight (add two more fat quarters or a half yard of cut-by-the-yard fabric) and forwent making a table runner.

Instead, I made linen table napkins to match following a similar technique to the mitered corner receiving blankets from the post “Infant Flannel Sheets.”


For more thorough instructions, you should go back to check out those posts.

Variation in Green Place Mats

Full instructions here.

Materials: Eight coordinating fat quarters (I used multiples of three colors), 3 yards of backing/edging fabric, 30-inch of felt, matching thread


Instead of cutting six pieces, cut eight fat quarters into 15-inch by 18-inch rectangles and stack.

Cut 2 3/4 inches off each edge and shuffle the pieces around to create the pattern. Sew the front together and iron seams.

Cut eight pieces each from back material and felt 15 by 18 inches. Make a fabric sandwich with the top, felt and backing, then quilt together. Trim excess felt and backing fabric so it’s the same as the front of the placemat.

Make binding with the remainder of backing fabric by cutting 2-inch strips of fabric and ironing strips in half. Straight stitch the raw edge to the edge of the place mat on the back side. Then fold the binding to the front of the place mat and use a fancy stitch to secure.


Linen Napkins

This follows a similar process to the Infant Flannel Sheets, but on a smaller scale.

You’ll need to add 3.5 inches in each direction to whatever you want your final napkin size to be. Then determine how many napkins you wish to make to determine yardage.

I was able to make eight napkins out of one yard of linen, but they are smaller than your usual dinner napkin.

For the hems, unlike the blankets, you go smaller. My first fold was at 3/4-inch.


Then, my second was 1 inch.


Sew the corners just like the blankets, then refold the edges. Finally, stitch the perimeter.


There you have it, a nice matching dining set, ready to be given away.


P.S. I used Sculpy clay in green, pink and tan to make and bake napkin rings. Just shape and bake according to the package directions, about 20 minutes on low heat.



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