Review: “Every day”

EverydayThe premise of “Every Day” by David Levithan is among the more unusual I’ve read in a while.

The main character, known just as “A” wakes up in a different body each day – somewhat approximate how long its been alive and in a relatively proximal geographic area. A has been both boys and girls, but for the sake of clarity here, I’m gonna called A a he, because that’s how I interpreted him.

Anyways, he’s be-bopping though life, a blip here and there, never forming real connections with the lives he takes over for a day at a time.

Then, one day he is in the body of Justin who is the boyfriend of Rhiannon. A falls for Rhiannon and starts hi-jacking people’s lives to spend more time with her, instead of trying to keep his hosts’ lives as typical as possible.

After a while of Rhiannon interacting with random strangers (A in different host bodies), A reveals his story to her. It’s a little hard for her to accept, but she comes to terms with it.

There relationship is strained though, A is, after all, in a different body in a different location every day.

The ending is a little bittersweet, but its a satisfying conclusion. It’s a book that really – literally – makes you question what makes you You. For A, a body is nothing more than a vessel, but for Rhiannon, a consistent physical form is also part of the equation.

The author – David Levithan – has now written a companion book from Rhiannon’s point of view rather than A’s. It’s called “Another Day.”

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