Custom burp cloths

There are lots of babies joining by extended family soon, so I’ve been awash in little projects for the little people.

I had bought some extra flannel when making the Infant Flannel Sheets last week, and used them to make custom burp cloths.


Cloth diapers

1/2-yard fabric for six burp cloths

Coordinating thread



cardboard cereal box


  1. Measure the center third of the cloth diapers you purchased, you should see stitch marks. Mine diapers had a center of about 4 inches by 19 inches. Cut your cereal box to that size.
  2. Use the cardboard as a template to the cut the fabric about 1/2-inch to 1-inch larger on each side. CutFlannel.jpg
  3. Fold the excess fabric over the sides of the template and iron to hold the folds. IronTemplate.jpg
  4. Pin the fabric over the center section of the diaper.Pin1
  5. Top stitch around the fabric, 1/4 inch from the edge. Try out some of your machine’s decorative stitches.

That’s it!



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