Absolutely not homemade dirt cake

I’m the unofficial birthday organizer at work and one of our supervisor’s had a birthday Friday. It was a busy week for me and I didn’t have time to go all out like I usually do with cakes.

I had a galvanized metal pot that I doubly washed and lined with aluminum foil, then I rushed out the door.

There’s a corner market/grocery store I pass on my way to work, so I picked up a package of Oreos, two 4-packs of chocolate pudding, Cool Whip and a package of gummy worms.

Once I got to work, I pulled it together in five minutes in the breakroom and later a fun (and delicious) time was had by all.



Chocolate pudding

Cool Whip


Gummy Worms

(You just have to make this in some sort of bucket or flower pot, just make sure it is clean.)


1) Empty half the pudding into the pot. Then, add half the Cool Whip.

2) In a food processor or 2-quart plastic bag, crush half the Oreos. Sprinkle the “dirt” over the Cool Whip in the pot.

3) Add on the other half of the pudding, the other half of the Cool Whip and the rest of the Oreos, crushed.

4) Top the entire thing with gummy worms. Decorate with plastic flowers and/or serve with a clean garden shovel.

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