Gentle giraffes


We’ve had some elephant fun and you’ve seen my darling dachshund. This weekend a tall lanky animal of the savanna joined my stuffed critter zoo.

Yup, giraffes. Don’t they all look so cute together?


Eons ago, I found this free pattern on the All Crafts website (pattern, instructions). I printed it out, stuck it in my book of patterns, and months went by before I took it out again and spent a night doing nothing buy cutting out stuffed animal patterns.

Then, I put them aside, got caught up in all the Christmas crafting and finally pulled them out over the weekend.

All Crafts had two sizes of patterns; I opted for the smaller, which prints on a single 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. The giraffe is about 10 inches tall when complete.

You’ll need less than a fat quarter of fabric for this and I used plastic safety eyes, but you could easily embroider eyes if you felt so inclined. I also cut two ear pieces of a coordinating color, but you could make it all the same fabric.

  1. Start be cutting two body pieces, one reversed; two inside leg pieces, one reversed; four ear pieces, two reversed; and a rectangle about two inches by five inches.
  2. To make the tail, take the rectangle, fold in half, and sew along one short end and one long side. Turn the tube inside out and knot the tip of the sewed end.tail
  3. For the ears, sew the two contrasting colors together, right sides facing, along the curved edges, leaving the straight edge open. Flip right side out, using a skewer or pencil or other narrow tool to poke the tip out fully. Fold the bottom 1/4-inch into the ear pocket and iron flat. ears
  4. To begin assembling the body, sew the inside leg piece to the corresponding full-body piece, with the right sides together.legs
  5. bodyPlace the two body pieces together, right sides facing, and pin together. Make sure to add the tail inside the body pinned to the appropriate spot. Sew around the upper half of the body, from where the inside leg pieces end to the other side of the leg piece (marked here with double pins).
  6. The last of the machine sewing is partially closing up the belly of the giraffe. You’ll want to sew in from ends (that I marked with double pins) toward the center, leaving about 1.5-inches in the center to turn the animal right side out.
  7. Turn the giraffe out. Fold the ears you previously made in half and hand stitch where you’d like them to go. Then add the safety eyes according to the instructions on the package.face
  8. Stuff the giraffe with polyester fiber fill and sew the last of the open belly section closed.

Then, enjoy!




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