Decorations done – ready to wed

After hours of hot gluing and several blisters from burnt fingers, I’ve finally finished all the parts for my wedding centerpieces.

You’ve already seen our table numbers.

And you’ve gotten a sneak at sort of what the centerpieces will look like because they are based off this Christmas series project – paper flowers. Instead of newspapers this time, I did actually use a book (cutting it apart nearly killed me, but at least it was a mass market paperback…)

There’s lots of instructions online for making paper flowers, cutting in a spiral, folding, but the most realistic I found was from the 100 Layer Cake blog. It’s probably the most time consuming too, since you put them together by gluing petal by petal.

I made a few changes; namely, only cutting four sizes of petals (100 Layer Cake uses five) and my petal sizes were a little smaller.I wanted my flowers to end up the size of a carnation and her’s are a bit bigger.

Here’s a look at the assembly line my craft helpers and I used.


Here’s what a finished vase looks like (vases are wine bottles, cleaned, and spray painted with Rustoleum gold.) I hot glued half a 1-inch foam ball into the mouth of each bottle and painted that, too, so the foam could hold up the flowers. Each bottle has 5 flowers.


I also decorated jars so that the bridesmaids and I could put our flowers in water during the reception.

I got some of the larger jars out of my cleaned recyclables collection. I then wrapped and hot glued 3-inch jute ribbon around the jar. Then, around that I wrapped 2-inch ribbon that matches our wedding colors and tied in a bow. The Sew Beautiful Blog has a tutorial on how to tie a sash bow I thought was really helpful, since the sash is big enough to see fully in the photos.

Here’s the jars:


Lastly, I made a set of flowers and filled a small basket for our flower girl. We’re not going to have her throw petals in the church because we didn’t want to deal with having to clean it up. It has 8 flowers made just like the centerpiece. I also made four flowers out of colored paper that coordinates with our wedding colors. They are smaller because I only used about 12 petals cut smaller than that of the book page flowers. The basket was being sold for Easter baskets at Joanne’s and I bough a cube of floral foam to fill the base and wrapped in some of the leftover jute. To finish, I tied bows with the green ribbon to either side of the handle.




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