Sunshine place mats

If you might recall, earlier this summer I made some place mats and a table runner for my cousin on the occasion of her wedding.

After Christmas, I was able to finally visit her at the new house she and her husband bought. For her wedding, I had made a table runner and four place mats and she was wondering if she could get two more. Well, I’d used all the fabric that matched on what I’d given and it was going be pretty hard to find more that match, so I said, I’d just make her a whole new set with six place mats.

For this new set, I took inspiration from Julie Cefulu’s place mat tutorial.

She uses a multipack of six prints of fat quarters, but I wanted mine to coordinate a bit more, so I only used three prints. You can buy two fat quarters of the same print or just get a half yard cut (like me). You’ll have plenty of cast offs left over to piece together a table runner.


1/2 yard each of three prints for top

3/4 yard additional of one of the prints or a coordinating fabric for binding

1 1/2 yards coordinating backing

30 inch cut of felt from the bolt (at Joanne’s the bolt is 74 inches wide)

Coordinating thread


1. Trim the prints for the top into 15 inch by 18 inch rectangles.

2. Stack one of each prints on top of each other with the edges lined up. You should have two stacks of three.

3. Cut 2 3/4 inches from each edge (see graphic). You should have one large rectangle, four smaller rectangles on the edges and four squares in the corners.


Repeat with the second stack.

4. Mix the patterns together so that each place mat gets a little of each color as a set. With three prints, you should be able to create six different combinations..


placemat-sew5. Sew the tops together. I found it easiest to sew the squares to the short strips and the long strips to the large rectangle. Iron the seams flat. Then sew the segments together.

6. Once the tops are sewed, press all the seams flat and trim loose threads.

7. Cut six 14 inch by 17 inch rectangles of fabric for the back.

8. Cut six 14 inch by 17 inch rectangles of felt for the lining. I found that felt is less puffy than batting and helps the place mats hold their shape better. Plus the fluff doesn’t get so caught up in my sewing machine. The felt from the bolt is larger than what I’m used to cutting, so I spread it out on the kitchen floor and marked out what I needed for the place mats with chalk. I also marked out a lining for the coordinating table runner.


9. Stack the place mat pieces. First the backing, face down. Then, the felt lining. Finally, the quilted top, face up. Pin as needed.

10. Quilt the three layers together. For this project, I quilted a straight line 1/4-inch parallel to all the top seams and around the perimeter.


placemat-binding11. Bind the edges of the place mats (see separate post for detailed instructions) and top with decorative stitch.

Repeat for each place mat.

Iron, trim loose threads and you’re good to go.