Wedding decor – table numbers

I joined a wedding swap/sell Facebook group a while back for the region I live in. I left not too long after because I didn’t need most of the stuff being offered and my phone with blowing up with notifications from people posting there  – ugh.

However, while I was a member, I bought eight craft frames from a former bride to use as table numbers. I was going to need more. One day while scouting the clearance section at Michael’s, I found similarly sized frames with similar ornate scrolly details. They were awful shades of scuffed white, hot pink and bright purple, but I was going to repaint the other frames anyways, so it didn’t really matter.

I emptied all the frames of the stock photos and glass/plastic, then spray painted the front and sides gold. The backs got some gold paint on them too, so I touched up with some black paint.

For the numbers, I looked online for a book-page graphic I could use, since I didn’t want to destroy a real book (or my printer trying to print on the recycled paper.)

I found “Victorian Social Code” on the Old Design Shop image collection site, downloaded, and used the text  part below the illuminated drop cap.

I used InDesign for the next part, but you could probably use any text editor.

Put the graphic in the background. Then make boxes or ovals that correspond to the sizes you need to fit in the frame. In individual text boxes, right the numbers you need. I choose to use one font for all the numbers, but you could mix and match, but you’ll want bold fonts so they stand out against the background. I made most of my numbers one font size, but its a few points smaller for the ovals, since the opening was so narrow. If you’re using different size/style frames like me, you may want to lay them out in order you want the tables to be marked, so there’s even distribution.

Print the numbers, cut out and pop in the frames.tablenumbers

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