Countdown to Christmas 5: Newspaper flowers

I bought this cool looking vase at the craft store and planned to give it away from Christmas. But it’s been snowing… and the vase is a little small for a traditional bouquet.

So, I picked up some floral wire stems at Joanne’s and made flowers with newspapers.



Fold stripes of newspaper so you can cut multiple petal shapes out at once. You’ll want a variety of sizes.

Then, cut a long strip of paper, about an inch wide. It should be straight on one edge and cut wavy on the other. Roll the strip as tight as you can and hot glue, wavy side up, on the end of the plant wire.

Using the hot glue, attach the base of the petals to the base of the roll and bend and shape the petals along the way.

Pretty simple and pretty, right?

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the countdown.


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