Countdown to Christmas 6: Jar lid ornament

This is a variation of an ornament I saw made with a two-piece Mason jar lid and fabric.

I used a generic jar lid and Christmas print paper leftover from my Christmas cards.


First decide on a silhouette and cut it out of paper. You can either use a die cut like this or print out the image and cut around. Printing black on black paper may be a challenge for some to see the line, but you don’t have to use black. Red, green, white, brown can be equally appealing.

Then trace the jar lid on your Christmas paper. Cut out the circles on the inside of the line you traced. Dry fit it in the lid.

Use a glue stick to affix your silhouette to the center of the circle. Wet glue will make the edges curl.

Then either use hot glue or tacky glue in a few spots to glue the paper circle inside the lid.

After that, cut three pieces of thin ribbon – one should be the circumference of the lid and the other two should be about 6 inches long.

Using one of the 6-inch ribbons, hot glue to the top of the lid to use as a hanger. Then, use the piece the length of the circumference and hot glue it around the edge, starting from on top of where you glued the hanger.


Tie the last piece in a bow and glue to the front.


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