Countown to Christmas 9: Cozy cuddles

I decide to make “rag” baby quilt after I saw some flannel on sale at Joanne’s.



I used 4 yards of fabric for a blanket about 4 feet wide and 4.8 feet long.

The back is all yellow.

To make a copy, get 2 1/3 yards yellow, 2/3 pattern,  and 1/3 each of dark blue, light blue and green. Each 1/3 yard should make 30 4×4 inch squares.

Quilt each front square to a back piece wrong sides together.  I just went with Xs.


Then lay out the squares in a pattern 12 across and 15 down. Sew the squares into strips, wrong sides together.


Then sew the strips together. Sew a running stitch around the perimeter.

Cut the seas into fringe, being careful not to cut through the stitches.

Wash the blanket and rUn through the dryer. The seams will fluff up.


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