More handmade journals

I while back I explained how I made a handmade journal. At that time, I didn’t take too many photos of actually putting together the covers. So here’s some more of other journals I made.

Cut a front and a back cover out of lightweight cardboard, like a cereal box. Then cut out your cover material a little bigger than the cardboard.
Glue the paper in the center of the cardboard. Then, fold and glue down the sides. You may want to use paper clips or binder clips as clamps until the glue dries.
Trim the corners of the paper so it doesn’t get too thick or wrinkled when you fold over the other two sides.

Next, cut a coordinating piece of paper that’s smaller than the cover piece but large enough to cover where the cover paper stops on the inside cover.

You can also add other layers or details to the front cover.


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