Pumpkin cupcakes


It was my co-worker’s birthday recently; I asked what she wanted, and she said she’d like pumpkin cupcakes.

I don’t have the recipe I used (sorry forgot to write it down), I just Googled.

The frosting with the original recipe, was just a plain vanilla frosting, but I prefer cream cheese frosting for cupcakes like Red Velvet, Pumpkin, Carrot and Spice cakes.

I would have used use homemade cream cheese frosting, but I was in a rush so I just grabbed a can of whipped cream cheese frosting.

After making the cupcakes and letting them cool, it was time to decorate. I put about 4 tablespoons of the frosting in to a bowl and set aside. For the reminder of the frosting, I used food dye to make it orange. Then I used a knife to spread on each cupcake. The reserve frosting I dyed green and put in a piping bag. I started by just making the leaves. I still had some leftovers, so I decided to add some vines, too.

My co-worker loved that I connected the cupcakes with the frosting vines. Win!