Handmade journal

(I’m gonna start by saying I’m away from home and writing on my phone. Please forgive spelling/grammar til I’m reunited with my laptop and can edit.)

In college, my roommate handmade books and I always thought they were so cool. Well, after a few years of not attempting to try myself I tried.

You start by creating the stacks of paper for the inside. I had some 11×14 pages rupped from a sketch book that’s long since disappeared. I wanted to make a small notebook, so I cut each sheet into four 5.5×7 sheets. The pages will be folded in half  to be 3.5×5.5. I kept the sets of 4 pages together to make a folio and repeated until I had seven sets of four.

Then, I made the cover. I cut two rectangles from  cereal box  cardboard that were a bit larger than the pages, or 4×6 in this case.


Then, I used scrapbook paper to cover the front sides of the cardboard and folded excess to the back. On the reverse, I pasted a coordinating piece of cardstock cut smaller then the cardboard.

The next step is to use an awl to punch holes down the fold of the paper and about a quarter-inch from the edge of the front and back covers.


Finally, I stitched everything together worth a coptic stitch following this YouTube video.

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