Turtle interpretation

I’ve been saving off a bunch of stuffed critter patterns and decided to try Purl Soho’s Myrtle the Turtle pattern. I wanted to do some variations though. The pattern has some suggested fabrics, but I have a giant bag of scraps I wanted to put to use, so I decided that for the shell of the turtle, I’d sew together a bunch of those. This would replace the Tana Lawn fabric if you’re following the pattern.

If you’re going to sew together scraps and cut the pattern from that, make sure you iron your seams well to make sure your fabric stay flat.


I think it came out rather well, aside from that my sewing machine was having tension issue. Some critiques of the pattern though, it makes a pretty large turtle. Also, the top foot pieces don’t quite line up with the bottom piece. I saved the pdf and edited in photo shop and re-sized it to be smaller. Originally the shell pattern and the bottom pattern each took two sheets of paper, and I shrunk it to one. About 75% smaller is my guess. I also photoshopped the feet so that they matched.  I’ll let you know how that pattern works out soon.