How I made Hobbes

hobbes knit
The second of two Hobbes that I made.

Calvin and Hobbes is a wonderful comic series created by Bill Watterson. Watterson didn’t want his work to be comercialized, so you can’t go out and buy a Hobbes stuffed animal. In fact, aside from anthologies of the comics, all other Calvin and Hobbes products are derivative or unauthorized works.

I had a friend who loved the series and wanted a stuffed animal. Since I could knit, he asked me to make him one and got me black, white and orange yarn (a soft acrylic often used for baby blankets.)

Two years ago, when I was looking for a pattern online, I could really only find crochet patterns for free, and I can’t really crochet. So I just sorta whung it.

I would love to tell you how I made a Hobbes, but I can’t.  I never wrote down what I did or the number of stitches or any of that. I will try to give you an idea of the steps I too, but you’re basically on your own.

I also ended up making two Hobbeses since my friend lost the first one at a bus stop. The second came out better anyways, so that’s the one I’ll explain.

I have a No. 7 round needle and started at what would be Hobbes’s head. I think I started with about 10 stitches and added about 1 every 4-5, until I felt the head was wide enough. The rows are alternating sets of 3 black and 3 orange.

After I got it wide enough, I did a few more rows without increasing. Then I introduced white about a third into to a row, knit with it for a third of the row, then went back to orange for a third of the row. That is Hobbes’s muzzle. I started the white bit earlier and knit with it a bit longer for a few rows, all while decreasing the head size. Then I decreased the amount of white and the size of the head.

Hobbes’s neck was about half the size of his head at the widest point. I then doubled the number of stitches for the shoulders and knit 2 rows, then added 20 stitches for a rows. For the arms, I slid off 15 stitches on each side of his body on to stitch holders (which look like giant safety pins, to be finished later.

From there I just knit in the round with the orange and black rows for the rest of the body. In retrospect, I should have interwoven the white, but I was struggling so I just knit a panel of white later to stitch onto the stomach. When I thought the body was long enough, I counted the stitch and divided in half. I slid half on to a stitch holder for one leg and used my round needle to finish the other leg. Then, when my round needle was free, I went and finished up the arms. Hobbes’s paws end in white.

Before I finished knitting Hobbe’s last leg, I used straight needles to knit two small triangle shaped ears out of the black and the white stomach panels. I made two white pompoms for Hobbes’s cheeks and used two black buttons for eyes. Then I sewed all those parts to the body. I used more black yarn to outline a mouth.

Then, Hobbes was stuffed and I knit up his final leg.

Well, in the years that have past since I made Hobbes, more patterns have come available. I hope one of them can help you: