Piece by Piece


I don’t remember where I got this idea, though I know I saw it somewhere. Basically the concept is simple – take colored paper, cut into pieces, glue. Ta da! Mosaic.

Well this steps it up a little. Instead of just any paper, the project uses paint color samples; I call them paint chips. My family and I have moved several times so I have quite the collection from that, but I also have taken many colors that I would never paint a wall. The bright reds, oranges, purples, and teals are pretty (and probably make great accent walls) and they make for great tiles.

The base of the card is basic medium-weight cardstock. I wanted to print messages on mine, so I did that first on the computer and printed. Then I cut the sheets in half. (When you are making invitation sized cards from normal weight paper you can fold twice, but with the heavier cardstock, it just doesn’t look nice in my opinion.) I have a paper cutter I use for this, but a ruler, pencil, and sharp pair of scissors will work fine too.

For the paint chips, I have six dessert-sized plates: one for reds and pinks, one for yellows and oranges, one for greens, one for blues, one for purples, and ones for blacks, greys, and browns. Then I snip and cut. I try to do a mix of triangles, squares, and long and short rectangles of all sizes and I cut around any writing on the chip. This is really not a science, I just go crazy.

After that it is time to glue. I use a glue stick and work in sections at a time. Usually I think about what sort of color scheme I want to go with. For things like birthdays and greeting cards I go with bright colors. For sympathy and thank you cards, I tend to use more of the sober, neutral colors.

Sometimes I do somewhat symmetrical patterns, sometimes I don’t. The sky is the limit. And I should know, I’ve been making these (and similar style bookmarks) for 9 years.

Happy crafting