Craft room in a closet

February 3, 2018 Sarah 0

So I haven’t been doing many craft projects recently because my workspace has been under construction. Since moving to the new house, I’ve had the […]

Fabric flowers

January 21, 2018 Sarah 0

It’s the dead of winter hear, oh-so-cold. Obviously, no flowers are growing, so I decided I’d make some. I grabbed my stash of fabric, some […]

Binky Leashes

January 18, 2018 Sarah 0

For the craft fairs, I’ve been making binky leashes or pacifier holders. Basically, they loop on to the pacifier and clip on the other end to […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

January 16, 2018 Sarah 0

As I have previously written, I’m the unofficial birthday party planner at work. As in, I usually bring in treats when there’s a birthday. It’s […]

DIY Laundry Room Sign

January 14, 2018 Sarah 0

Every month or so, a few of my female cousins and I get together and hand out. It’s usually for dinner. However, last weekend, we met […]

Vanilla Scones and Jam

January 14, 2018 Sarah 0

Every year for Christmas, there seems to be an accidental theme for what I receive as gifts. Everyone seems to get me the same type […]

Cookie Swap

December 31, 2017 Sarah 0

I love baking holiday cookies, so at work this year I asked my colleagues and customers for their favorite holiday cookie recipe. Then, I made […]

No Picture

Holiday gift guide

December 30, 2017 Sarah 0

Usually, I am all for handmade gifts. I make a list and check it twice. Scour the internet for cool ideas and then spend six […]

Happy Thanksgiving

December 30, 2017 Sarah 0

Okay, so I know Thanksgiving was more than a month ago, but that’s what took up the majority of my November (in addition to adopting […]

Really bad blogger

December 30, 2017 Sarah 0

So I’m sure it’s been weeks since my last post because since moving to the new house, I’ve had little time to sit down for […]